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So I drew some fanart.

2012-08-22 03:10:38 by Gokenshadow

For some reason, I decided to spend three days drawing a piece of fanart for a fanfiction of a series that recently became quite popular on the internet.

Check it out if you want.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/gokenshadow/t he-dread-chitin

Da Ledge and Airy SAT

2012-04-17 00:04:33 by Gokenshadow

Wao, ets bin kwhyta why-ull sense milast pawst, hizzen tit? Tabeh blaytint lee on-est, yoo hivint mist match. A lie vrilly bin dune is stood ying farther SAT, wit shime, eentress tinnly inuff, gun to take further third time. Dhe re-zen eye'm take nit summon E times ease that eye wan tah per-fex core, sew eye ken goat a call edge end learn menneth ings. Eye le-blurning weigh 2 motch to not goat a call edge. Perhaps mi-mind wood goak raisy effie dew nut goat a call edge. I ha pie get ugh wood squagh on dhe SAT. Mi-mind rill E dip ends on it.

Wesh meh look.

Lost in this dark nihilism,

2011-08-25 21:18:38 by Gokenshadow

I am trying to get out of here, but the path I take is very difficult to follow, so I am sad. I do, however, look forward to that moment of freedom that awaits me if I stay on this path. I have made my travel into a sort of semi-routine. When I get tired, I can sleep, and when I get hopeful, I keep moving, when I feel like giving up, I try harder, and I know that I am making progress. In fact, I can see the light of the exit shining like a beacon far off in the distance.

However, the steps are getting more difficult to walk as the light becomes more visible, for in this tiny piece, in which I stand, of a light that shines so far away, I feel like stopping here might be better than walking on, but I have to realize that it's not, that I will only know how good it feels to be free when it dances before my eyes continuously, freedom, when I see myself and see me.

So, I'll walk on until I hit the light with all my senses.


I've been kind of depressed lately, the reason being that I haven't done anything I would consider worthwhile in the past few months, so I'm going to get rid of this downed feeling by doing something that I consider worthwhile, but there's a catch; the things that I consider worthwhile that were once as clear as crystal, have become a blurry mess, so I'm not sure what I want to do at all, or what will give me fulfillment. I suppose I just have to try things even when my mind says that I don't want to do them to see if I actually don't want to do them or the depression drug is just telling me that I don't want to do them.

I know this'll be a blast.


Sheh sad tah meh...

2011-06-06 22:17:33 by Gokenshadow

Da crezest ting dat did hopon tio mwe dee ohthar dey, ant etwas siooo fahneh dat Ei hed ta toll yar abot et. Ei wuz woken diun dee riode andarneth deh prattiast blow skey meenden meown bezeneeze wan ellethesuzen ay fein yoang lahdey keyma woken deoon dee athar sied. Sheh hed da pratiest leetal bahm dat ya ervar dad saey, sao Ei want ant disiedad ta gavar a freendleh wessel. Sheh tarnt har heed ta gavmeh a loka scarn, ant Ei'm lieeek, "Wat deh hill, yoong laydeh, Ei mint naharm!?" Ant sheh woks avar tamee ant slops mafaise relleh hahd. Ten sheh sterts woken aweee, lital bahm buncin alahng lahk a bellown falled wit weater, so Ei gah ant seeeey, "Goodbee, freeendlay bahm!"

Heh heh heh, wazendat dah crezeist starry?


2011-04-29 23:14:30 by Gokenshadow

I love storyboarding, but I'm not sure I like the inbetween animation part. Now, if only people could interpret my all-perfect storyboards, then I could get a job.


Sounds that make tones.

2011-01-30 04:06:23 by Gokenshadow

I'm back to writing music again, feels good.

Well, that's all I have to say, so, gooday, or night? Yeah, night. Good night.


2011-01-21 03:40:02 by Gokenshadow

So, I really have nothing to type about, but I feel like typing. Expect weirdness and possibly hidden messages within this text.

When opportunity flies at me, I really need to grab it, otherwise I'll just end up missing it. Or maybe, it gets thrown at me and I need to catch it rather than cowering from it; you know, like a winy brat who's afraid of getting hurt. I seek inspiration, yet I can't inspire. I guess it's all within my brain boiling and bubbling away, but covered by some sort of mask, a mask of terror and of wonder. I need to find that wonder, man. Dude, there's so many things I want to do, so I'll talk about those things instead of being all dreary.

I want to get to Mars. Someday before I die, I want us, the human species, to colonize that red planet because it would be totally awesome. The fluids of romance overflow my brain when I think about it. (btw replace romance w/excitement) How exciting it would be to witness the evolution of an entirely new culture that would most likely arise if mars were colonized. Perhaps the things that are most important to people will change because of the change of climate and condition. Perhaps a myriad of new slang words will arise from the martian people. So many exciting events could happen, and it's those events that excite me.

I want to make a film without the exchange of money. Why must it cost billions of dollars to make a movie? I don't believe money is nearly as important as people say it is, even with the unending proof in favor of that proposal lying all about the floor of mighty "detectives" (the fuck did I just say?). Not only do I believe that I can make a film without the exchange of money, but I have a plan to do so, well a pseudo-plan anyways. It involves lots of borrowing and returning and possibly donating; I can't tell you anymore about it because the rest of it has yet to surface from the labyrinthical sea of my brainwaves (heh waves).

I guess that's it for now, FOR I'm too tired to think of anymore. Yeah, tired. Sleep sounds pretty good right now. I guess I should get up and stop typing and yeah. I'll do it in a minute though. This is kind of fun, after all, typing in a sort of drug induced state when the brain begins sending fluids into the various parts of your body that force them into a comma one by one until the last thing you can feel is the only thing that's moving, which is your fingers because they refuse to stop typing for any reason and continue to move for that reason. Yeah, I'm still typing. Maybe I should stop, or maybe I shouldn't. Let's see. Uhh.

The firework explosion that I just witnessed came from my memory, obviously, because California is a very restrictive state in the usa when it comes to fireworks. I mean, come on. You can't even get freaking bottle rockets here, man. I prefer the states that have those Indian reservations, or do I have to refer to them as Native American reservations? Whatev, uh. They usually sell the best fireworks for the cheapest price. I think they order their stuff online in big boxes. Yeah, sure, they only sell stuff around the fourth of July and New Years, but at least they sell cool stuff. Tired. Eyes droooping. (and finger slipping by th loooks of it, heh heh)

I need a vacation, man, a real good one, yknow? Like the ones I've seen in the movies and on tv, but wait a second, I don't have tv. I only have the internet, for tv disappeared for me for some time, then it reappeared, then it vanished again, so I know what it's all about, but I don't experience it anymore. Strange, huh. Dammit, why can't anything interesting come out of my mind! It's so bad, man. Why do I keep ending with man?! WHAT AM I LIKE A SARAAKANNER Or something?! Oh whatever.

The sea is nice; take my advice, and stay right here. (easy to remember what that came from right?) amirite?

Alright, I'm finished. Vamuous. (ps: what does that mean, again?) Bye.

"UNKNOWNpErsOn has left the room."


2011-01-18 21:01:32 by Gokenshadow

When you're tired, work.
When you're working, die.
When you're dead, joy.

I'm tired of this.

2010-11-28 05:01:50 by Gokenshadow

I needa do somethin, yo.